The Four Counterforces in the Crisis of the 21st Century

This article was first published in New View magazine #101 Oct-Dec 2021

In the [Greco-Roman] epoch the Christ Impulse was born out of the forces of death for the salvation of mankind.  …. in [our current] epoch mankind is led by a strange paradox to a renewed experience of the Mystery of Golgotha through the forces of evil.

R. Steiner 25.10.1918

Rudolf Steiner often said during the First World War that never in human history had public lies been as numerous as they were in those days. In the winter of 1916-1917 he gave a course of 25 lectures in Dornach, Switzerland titled Thoughts on Contemporary Issues: The Karma of Untruthfulness, one of the important themes of which was to analyse the mendaciousness and destructiveness of propaganda and public statements at that time. Since the end of that war, the mendaciousness and destructiveness of propaganda and public statements have increased immeasurably. At the time of writing this article, we are still enmeshed in another web of lies surrounding Coronavirus and the “vaccines” designed to “defeat” this virus. The growing resistance around the world to this web of lies is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media of the “developed countries”, which continue to censor news that is contrary to the government’s narrative on COVID.1


Health or ‘hellth’?

Just as 9/11 (often dubbed the Pearl Harbor event of the 21st century, not least by President George W. Bush himself) and the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 had actually little to do with Osama Bin Laden and everything to do with the far-reaching geopolitical aims of the Neoconservative clique that controlled the regime of George Bush2, a regime which, like that of Joe Biden, had come to power in very conflicted and dubious electoral circumstances, with accusations of fraud and corruption, so the “Coronavirus pandemic” has nothing to do with health and everything to do with hellth. What do I mean by that stark assertion?

We could look first at remarks in an interview3 released on 27 April 2021 on the Rumble Internet platform by Mike Yeadon, former chief scientist and vice-president at the allergy and respiratory medical research division of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer:  “I believe [the COVID injections] are going to be used to damage your health and possibly kill you. Seriously. I can see no sensible interpretation other than a serious attempt at mass depopulation…This [injection campaign] will provide the tools to do it and plausible deniability because they’ll create another story about some sort of biological threat and you’ll line up and get your top-up vaccines and, in a few months, or a year or so later you’ll die of some, you know, peculiar explicable syndrome and they won’t …associate it with the top-up vaccines.” Yeadon went on to tell viewers that “everything your government has told you about this virus, everything you need to do to stay safe, is a lie.” “This system is being put in place using lies, and it’s been put in place for some purpose, and I believe that purpose is complete totalitarian control and I think the purpose of that is going to be mass depopulation,” said Yeadon [emphasis – TB]. “I can’t think of a single benign interpretation for the simple creation of these top-up vaccines, let alone the lies that surround them, [I’m] absolutely terrified that the combination of vaccine passports and top-up vaccines is going to lead to mass depopulation. Deliberate execution potentially of billions of people.” Yeadon’s view is that within a few years of having taken the injections, many of those who have had them will be dead. Such scenarios are very hard for many people to even contemplate but Yeadon’s credentials surely give him an informed voice.

Why would billions need to be thus ‘disappeared’? The answer to that question lies in the looming scenario of the 21st century: the interface between the COVID-19 crisis, the global warming thesis and its accompanying environmental ‘panic’ (as promoted by Extinction Rebellion et al), and the “4th Post-industrial Revolution” notions of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF), which are allied to the UN’s Agenda 2030 and its programme of 17 “Sustainable Goals”4. In short, the idea goes that all the millions of workers who were needed in the Industrial Revolution phase of modern development and all the millions of peasants who have been working the land these 200 years will no longer be needed because the work will be done in cities and on the land by machines, directed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Moreover, reducing the world’s population – to perhaps 2 billion or less would presumably mean that “the Planet” would be saved from the depredations visited upon it by an excessively large human population that has been causing destructive “climate change”. The inhumanity of suggesting that, for economic reasons, humanity and the planet would be better off without hundreds of millions of people is not, of course, new. In essence, the ‘scarcity of resources’-based reasoning employed by the WEF and the UN differs little from that of Thomas Malthus in the late 18th century,5  who maintained that food resources would not keep pace with the growth of population. Following him, others argued that the unworthy poor should therefore be thinned out and reduced by not passing legislation or instituting other measures designed to support or ease their existence. Such inhuman, rationalist and materialist notions resulted in, amongst other things, the Irish Potato Famine of 1844 when the economic orthodoxy of the day, influenced by Malthusian notions, opposed aiding the starving Irish people.

Needless to say, Mike Yeadon, despite his previous career at Pfizer, one of the companies now making the ‘anti-COVID’ injections, has been shut out by the mainstream media. He has also been pilloried by Wikipedia and the so-called “factchecking” organisations (e.g. Snopes, Fullfact et al) that invariably take the side of the Establishment on numerous contentious issues. On 5 May 2021 Snopes posted: “As no additional doses are recommended at this time, Yeadon is pushing hypothetical conspiracy theories regarding ‘top-up’ vaccines that have yet to pan out.” But since May, governments around the world have already been making plans for future booster shots to be administered at 5-6 monthly intervals, and in Israel, which has been at the forefront of the injection campaign and where 2.5 million of the Israeli population of 8 or 9 million have already had the third shot, double jabbed people are already regarded by the government as “unvaccinated”; only people who have had a third shot now qualify as properly “vaccinated”. The man whom the Israeli media call “the virus Czar”, Prof. Salman Zarka, stated in August that “this is our life from now on, in waves… given that the virus is here and will continue to be here, we also need to prepare for a 4th injection … .”6


The Four Counterforces

When I say that the Coronavirus pandemic has more to do with ‘hellth’ than health, I mean that it has everything to do with the goals of the spiritual counterforces (traditionally called the forces of hell) arrayed against humanity and more specifically, against the human ‘I’ (the essential human self, the spiritual kernel of our being) and the attempt of those counterforces, in this 21st Christian century, to realise these goals. Humanity has been forced to undergo this latest mendacious fraud, this global psyop (psychological operation), precisely because it failed to see through the momentous event of 20 years ago, the titanic and spectacular event which ushered in both the 21st Christian century and the third Christian millennium – the event of 9/11 and the numerous lies and manipulations that surrounded that event and the Establishment narrative about it that has been maintained for 20 years. Humanity also failed, for the most part, to see through the two other psyops that have occurred since 9/11 – the financial crash of 2008/09, and the more recent psyop of “global warming” (aka “climate change”).

Swallowing the media lies about these psyops, it has unwittingly prepared itself to be fooled by the COVID psyop also. The goals of this latest and greatest psyop seem to this writer to be the perversion, seduction, and enslavement of the human being and the annihilation of a considerable portion of the global human population, who are regarded by the counterforces as unnecessary and useless life. What does spiritual science say these counterforces are? And what is their relation to the goals of the perversion, seduction, enslavement and annihilation of the human being?

Before discussing this, I should remind readers that we are living through an absolutely momentous time – a time in which the spiritual counterforces rise up in their power from what Steiner described as the 9 subterranean layers of the earth7, precisely in this 21st Christian century, in order to attempt to divert humanity from its proper goals8  in what he calls this “Age of the Consciousness Soul”  by ensuring those goals are not reached and instead, destroying a great portion of humanity and capturing the rest for the purposes of the counterforces and the elites that serve them. Steiner maintained that humanity lives through successive epochs of development, over great periods of time. According to him we are living through the 5th Post-Atlantean Epoch (that he dates as lasting from 1413-3573)9, and the task of humanity in this epoch, is to comprehend the relation of good and evil, 5 being the number of that indicates the challenge of evil in Steiner’s view (or rather, we could perhaps say, the number of the human choice between good and evil)10. It is well known, for instance, that the inverted pentacle is used in black magic rituals, whereas the upright pentacle (see Leonardo’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ for example) is a sign and right orientation for the moral forces at work in the human being. We can place our own human forces of thinking, our capacity to think for ourselves, which was secured in the previous 4th epoch (747 BC-1413, the Greco-Roman/mediaeval epoch) – into the service of the Good. This ‘doing the Good’ is the leitmotif of our epoch, and it cannot be done without passing through “the valley of the shadow of death”, as it were – experiencing and above all, understanding both the forces of Evil and those of Good. In the following 6th epoch, from the 4th millennium (the Age of Aquarius beginning in the year 3573), assuming we have achieved the goals of the 5th epoch, as we did those of the 4th epoch11, we shall progressively be able to transmute the forces of Evil into those of Good through a new form of social life and enhanced feeling which, according to Steiner, the reincarnated Mani (the teacher of the Manichaean path, that of the transformation of evil) will show us. That will be an epoch not so much of intensified personal thinking (thinking in the service of the Good) as of intensified and refined social feeling and community life. But first, we must pass through the eye of the needle in this 5thepoch, and in this 21st century, when the Christ Being, the global I of ‘christened’ humanity can be born in the consciousness of a great many of us, as the I in a person’s individual biography is fully born in their 21st year, when we become adult and able to take responsibility in the world.

            Steiner described in various lectures and writings how human clairvoyance was necessarily lost as humanity learned to think for itself; this happened during the 4th Epoch , the epoch of the Intellectual-Mind Soul.12 In the West, this was essentially the period of the Greco-Roman cultures and their ongoing influence in mediaeval Europe. As the human race descended deeper and deeper out of the spiritual world into earth existence, a particularly dark phase of that descent began c.3000 BC and ended around 1900 AD; however, judging by human experience since 1900, we could perhaps say that that very dark phase has not quite ended yet! In lectures in 1919 Steiner described how c.3000 BC the being known to us in the West as Lucifer incarnated into a human body in China, and in the same lectures he spoke of how the being Ahriman (roughly commensurate with the being known in the West as Satan) would incarnate, also into a human body at the very beginning of the third millennium “in the West”13 (there are strong reasons for thinking this will be in the USA, although Steiner did not specify this).14 Between their two incarnations, which occur only once in history, came the Incarnation of Christ in Jesus at the Baptism in the River Jordan in Israel.

Some 2000 years ago, the early Christian Church, like the rest of humanity, had already largely lost natural clairvoyant insight because of the gradual unfolding across Eurasia of personal human thinking capacity, which had increasingly been directed to the material world. The Church therefore also lost real spiritual insight into the nature of the spiritual worlds ‘above’ (‘heaven’) and those ‘below’ (‘hell’). Real understanding of the nine hierarchies of beings that inhabit these two regions was thus lost to the Church.

            Anthroposophy seeks to restore to humanity real knowledge of the beings of the spiritual worlds, celestial and infernal. It expands on the teachings of the 5th century writer known as Pseudo-Dionysus the Areopagite, with regard to nine celestial dimensions of beings grouped in three hierarchies, by speaking of  nine hierarchies of the underworld,15 and in addition, it identifies four main beings that lead the counterforces working against human development. In saying that, we immediately meet a paradox, because we need to recognise that without the resistance posed to our development by these counterforces, there would be no human freedom possible and therefore, ultimately no possibility for love either. No great drama, especially the great drama of the story of mankind, is possible without the challenge from forces of darkness within us. An audience would fall asleep or else be bored stiff in a drama without such a challenge. Imagine a ‘drama’ about a family in which everyone did as they were told by the parents or grandparents and lived nothing but happy lives… .

            Casting light on the beings who oppose human freedom (while paradoxically also making it possible), and so that we may realise what we are up against, Anthroposophy speaks of four beings who lead the hosts of the spiritual counterforces: Lucifer, Ahriman, the Asuras (Steiner always referred to these as plural, not singular) and Sorath (whom Steiner also calls the Sun Demon). During this 5th epoch, which is so concerned with the theme of the Mystery of Good and Evil, we would do well to learn to familiarise ourselves with these four beings and their impulses and recognise their signatures in human affairs. They are especially evident right now, in our time, as humanity is crossing from the 2nd to the 3rd millennia, because, as mentioned above, Steiner indicated that Ahriman is approaching ‘his’ incarnation, and indeed, working from Steiner’s indications, I have concluded that Ahriman’s incarnation is most likely already underway, probably having begun in May 2000, but that ‘his’ human vehicle has not yet ‘emerged’ on the stage of human affairs; if this view is correct, then in May this year the human vehicle of Ahriman   became 21 years old.16The other three beings have been working in their various ways to assist this colossal phenomenon that has been prepared for almost 1000 years since –- in my view – the Norman Conquest of England, which led eventually, some 700 years later, to the creation of the United States of America in 1776. The USA may well provide the cultural stage for the incarnation of Ahriman, as China provided for Lucifer and Israel provided for Christ in Jesus.$_57.JPG

            The four beings attack the four main aspects of the human entelechy: human thinking, human feeling, human willing and the human I. Each of the four focuses on one of the four aspects of that entelechy: Lucifer seeks to seduce human feeling, which is rooted in the human astral body; Ahriman (Satan) seeks to enslave human thinking in materialism; our thinking is rooted in the human etheric body. The Asuras seek to negate human willing by destroying the human physical body, the vehicle of human will in the material world, while Sorath seeks to pervert, or one could also say invert the human I itself, i.e. turn it into its opposite. The human I is the sun within the human entelechy; its perversion or inversion would eclipse that sun and turn it into a ‘black sun’, a bestial human being, and indeed Steiner identifies the worst of Sorath with the power of black magic. So the following four demonic gestures result: seduction (Lucifer), enslavement (Ahriman), annihilation (Asuras), and perversion (Sorath).

            When the human physical body is destroyed, the human spirit cannot act, cannot will, in the material world, unless it is able somehow to act across the threshold after death, and in most cases seeking to influence incarnated human beings in this way, through channelling for example, would not be desirable. The Asuras also destroy the human will and body through physical addiction and physical infection, including sexual diseases. When Ahriman tries to enslave human thinking, ‘he’ does so through arid materialism and the forces of contraction and coldness, in rational logic, for example. ‘He’ seeks to constrain human thinking within the limits of the five senses, a thinking that recognises no spiritual world or even imagination and clips the wings of the human spirit. By contrast, the word ‘seduction’ means to ‘lead away’ from, ‘lead astray’ or ‘lead apart’ from. Lucifer attempts to lead human feelings away from what is truly genuine, sound, balanced and caring for others, to lead us away in fact from earthly realities and obligations altogether and focus instead on our own self-centred personal affairs, our subjective imaginations and fantasies and through these, to lead us into ‘his’ luciferic sphere17. We have all met people who are always dreaming, hotheads, fantasists, people who do not seem to have their feet on the ground; they are somehow ‘off-planet’, living in a world of their own. Lucifer either has these people under his will or is drawing them towards him.

Jeffery Epstein and 9/11

Let us consider two other phenomena of recent times, in which the four counterforce beings were at work: first, the Jeffrey Epstein case. Epstein (1953-2019) was a Jewish-American financier, convicted sex offender and so-called philanthropist, who was actually more of a philanderer, because he created a set-up in which wealthy and important people, especially Americans, were blackmailed through sex with minors, and through this, he passed on information to various people including intelligence agencies.

He is said to have died under mysterious circumstances in jail, supposedly suicide, but he was most likely murdered, or even possibly smuggled alive out of the country. Epstein’s life revolved around shady financial dealings, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, secret intelligence and blackmail. He was also a man with an eye for beautiful women, properties and objects, and lived a fantasy lifestyle, notably on his Caribbean island paradise to which he would often fly famous people in his private jet and where he kept a number of young women to be used for sexual favours for himself and his guests and friends. Beauty and seduction, enslavement to material pleasures, for which he applied his considerable intelligence and knowledge of finance and secret operations; lust and sexual depravity; the perversion of young girls; the use of his personal charm and social skills to infiltrate, entrap and exploit others, from young girls to politicians and academic institutions – all of the gestures of the four beings of the counterforces can be seen to have been operative in this man’s life.

            9/11 provides an even clearer example. Here the Asuras come into their own, in the sheer, sudden, ruthless physical destructiveness of the event. But the attack was very complex, involving many detailed, sophisticated technological systems, and not only the endless mendacity about the causes and consequences of it, but financial, political and media manipulations of a ‘high’ order, so Ahriman, the spirit of lies and devious thinking, and those that serve ‘him’, were also obviously heavily engaged. Lucifer’s fingerprints were also on the event in the sheer spectacle, the ‘artistry’ of it, which even the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen remarked on,18 attributing it specifically to Lucifer; the way in which so many people thought the 9/11 events resembled a Hollywood movie plot, and indeed a TV series (The Lone Gunman) featuring just such a plane attack on the World Trade Center (the kind of attack that President Bush and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice later said had been “unimaginable”) had been aired on US TV in the spring of 2001.19

Furthermore, the Hollywood blockbuster movie of 2001 was Pearl Harbor, a very sensuous movie made by producer Jerry Bruckheimer about the Japanese attack of 7 December 1941. The film was released in May 2001, so it was seen by millions worldwide in the months before 9/11. Comparisons with Pearl Harbor were also made many times after 9/11, by President Bush and other politicians and media people. The President wrote in his diary that same evening: “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century took place today”, and Pearl Harbor had been specifically referred to exactly a year earlier in the document Rebuilding America’s Defenses – Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century produced by the neoconservative thinktank Project for a New American Century led by William Kristol, Robert Kagan and John Bolton: The amount of money and time needed, the report recognised, to create a new vision for American foreign policy in the new century was likely to be considerable, unless there were “some catastrophic event — like a new Pearl Harbor,” because, as Zbigniew Brzezisnki had written in The Grand Chessboard, his influential 1997 book, subtitled American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, “The public supported America’s engagement in World War II largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor” and “…the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public’s sense of well-being.” Would the public have supported America’s engagement in World War II if they had been aware that their President Roosevelt had lied to them, knowing as he did that the Japanese attack was very far from a surprise – the US had had prior intelligence on its timing, hence the absence of aircraft carriers on the day of the attack which were normally based at Pearl Harbor – and that his Administration had actually goaded Japan into the attack by its stringent economic sanctions, including sanctions on oil supplies?20  Only the month before, Roosevelt had won his second presidential election victory by promising to keep America out of the war (!) yet it is now well-known to historians that he had long wanted to involve the US in the war, precisely for reasons of ‘American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives’. Already in 1939 the leading US foreign policy thinktank The Council On Foreign Relations had launched the “War and Peace Studies” project, which was funded ($350,000) by the Rockefeller Foundation and from March 1942 was linked into the State Department’s Advisory Committee on Post-war Foreign Policy. The goal of Roosevelt and his elite backers was not just to defeat Germany and Japan but to create a post-war new world order that would be totally dominated by the economic interests of the USA. It was to defend and advance this new order that the US Department of Defense had begun construction of the Pentagon, still the world’s largest office building, in Washington DC on 11 September, 1941, exactly 60 years (to the day) before the Pentagon was also hit on 9/11. That was the consequence of Roosevelt’s lies in 1941, when he and his advisers had aimed to create an American new model world empire that would take over from and replace the British Empire. It was this new order, enabled by Roosevelt, that would start to come crashing down with the fall of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center 60 years after Pearl Harbor to be replaced by yet another New World Order. Today, 20 years further on from 9/11 and the lies of another US President (George W. Bush), we see in the Afghan debacle the consequences of that neo-imperial adventurism: disaster for the ordinary American and Afghan victims of the American grand chessboard players, and checkmate for the players themselves. That policy was informed and organised largely by Ahrimanic calculations and carried out with Asuric execution of those calculations in the tremendous violence visited upon one of the poorest countries in the world by the world’s greatest superpower: a pattern repeated in Vietnam, Iraq and Syria, and a policy wrapped up and decorated by the western media in all kinds of fine-sounding, rhetoric about human rights, democracy, women’s emancipation etc.

And behind that entire pattern and policy, which was driven forward with Ahrimanic computerised calculation, luciferic rhetoric and symbolism, and Asuric destructiveness was surely the ‘thinking’ or mindset of the two horned beast of the Apocalypse of St. John, the beast whose name is Sorath, the letters of which add up to the number 666.21 It is the aim of Sorath, the Counter-Sun being, to ensure that humanity remains at the level of the ‘lower ego’ (our ‘normal everyday sense of ourselves that is always on a journey, through life experience, of waking up to higher realities and transforming itself), the self-centred materialist concerned only for his physical pleasures and his physical survival. This is what underlies the ‘philosophy’ of western capitalism today as we see it portrayed in its advertising and in most of its entertainment industry. The Sorathic aim is to invert the human pentagram, the human being as he stands forming a pentagram with his head, two arms and two legs (three above, two below), and to turn the human pentagram on its head, so to speak, so that the head is stuck in the earth and the legs and feet are in the air. When Sorath achieves his aim, and he does so with some individual human beings, the human I is perverted and kept at a level hardly above an animal existence and cunning animal motivations. It is prevented from developing the higher nature that it can, prevented from developing the Consciousness Soul, the self-awareness of ourselves as autonomous spiritual beings whose thinking is dedicated to the Good, which Rudolf Steiner described as one of the main tasks of humanity in this epoch, the other being to penetrate the Mystery of Evil.22

Gondishapur and Sorath, then and now

In their respective attacks on human thinking (Ahriman), feeling (Lucifer) and willing (the Asuras), these three spiritual counterforces assist Sorath’s activity, which, according to Steiner, strikes into human history with particular vehemence every 666 years, the last time being in 1998 (3 x 666), three years before 9/11. Steiner made clear that Sorath never incarnates into a human body but ‘he’ influences certain human beings and not only for one year, e.g. in 1998. My own observations of contemporary history as well as those of the 7th and 14th centuries have led me to conclude that every 666 years, Sorath intervenes for a period, or window, of  about 50 years, during which the 666th year functions as the central axis or fulcrum, like the centrepoint of a stone thrown into a pond produces a series of ripples, like time raying out to past and future around an event. Hence the year 666 in the centre of window of 641-691; the year 1332 in the window of 1307-1357; and the year 1998 in the window of 1973-2023.

Sorath’s first intervention in the Christian era, around the year 666 in the window 641-691, came, according to Steiner, in connection with the Academy of Gondishapur23, the ruins of which lie in modern SW Iran, near the border with Iraq, in the region where Iraq and Iran fought their 8-year war in 1980-88. That ancient academy was an intellectual hothouse where brilliant minds and ideas converged from all over the Near East, from Greece, Persia and from India. Steiner describes how the scientific, mathematical and philosophical knowledge that was developed there was premature, because it was the aim of Sorath, who worked through certain figures in the Academy, to bring advanced knowledge very prematurely to the early Christian world, which the still immature forces of that world would not be able to handle at that time. If that knowledge had come too soon to the West, the development of Europe, and especially the development of the I in a Christian context, would have been diverted into a completely wrong and unhealthy direction, one which valued knowledge, power and will over the human heart and soul, over the individual I. The lower impulses of the human ego would have used that advanced knowledge in the service of egoism to overwhelm the still immature I. Steiner describes24 how the effort of Sorath at Gondishapur had the effect of ‘injecting’ (his word) a poison, in the form of scientific materialism, into the human physical organism. This resulted in a growing tendency to deny the spirit and to see the human being in a twofold way, as only a being of body (corpus/soma) and soul (anima/psyche). This began to infect the Church, which at the Council of Constantinople in A.D. 869 even proclaimed a dogma to the effect that the human being was a being without an individual spirit, but one of body and soul only.

Steiner describes further how the spiritual world countered Sorath’s intention in three ways: first, in that the Christ Event occurred 333 years before the middle of the Intellectual Mind-Soul epoch, which was in the year 33325; the Christ Event thus mirrored and balanced the Sorathic intervention, which occurred 333 years after that same midpoint. Occurring 666 years before the Sorathic intervention, the Christ Impulse therefore had a chance to implant itself in human consciousness a good while before that intervention. Second, the spiritual influence of the direct companions and pupils of Jesus Christ had by 333 begun to work down from the spiritual world, inspiring people, leading them to Christ and the reality of the divine. Third, the spiritual world arranged that the Sorathic influence of advanced civilisation proceeding from the intellectual hothouse of Gondishapur was largely ‘smothered’ – a ‘lid’ was put on the cauldron, so to speak – by the breakout of a new religious force – Islam – from among the Arabs, who were regarded as uncivilised barbarians in those days by the Persians and by the kind of people who worked at Gondishapur. The two dominant cultures in the region before the death of Mohammed in 632 were the Christian Byzantine Empire (Eastern Rome) and the Zoroastrian Sassanid Persian Empire; these two empires had fought each other to exhaustion over the previous centuries; they did not have the spiritual and cultural force to control what was growing in Gondishapur. What was able to do that to a considerable extent was the fundamentalist theological impulse of Islam, which completely overwhelmed the Persian Empire in the 640s and almost destroyed the Byzantines as well. However, the theological impulse of Mohammed and the Koran did not entirely repress the scientific impulse of Gondishapur over the following centuries. Elements of the knowledge fostered at the Academy seeped out into the Arab Islamic world which had enveloped it and were eventually carried by Arab conquests across North Africa to Spain and also across the sea to Sicily and southern Italy. These elements became the forces of Baconian science in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the basis of the external, scientific and technological power of the modern West and of today’s Anglo-American global ‘empire’.

All of this has ‘come home to roost’ over the past 30 years and also in the Afghan debacle of 2021: the struggle in the mediaeval period between religion and rationalism in the Islamic world, between Islamic fundamentalism and the essentially non-Islamic scientific and philosophical forces that were concentrated in the Academy of Gondishapur and that passed from there via the Baghdad of Caliph Harun al-Rashid26 to Andalusia (Muslim Spain), Christian Europe and America. And we can note that these events of 2021, which have brought a kind of closure to what began on 9/11, have occurred within the Sorathic window of 1973-2023. Incidentally, it was in July 1973 that the 200 year-old Afghan monarchy was toppled and a republic established that was itself overthrown in the pro-communist coup in 1978 that eventually led to the mujahideen war against Soviet forces in Afghanistan and the chaos that followed it.

But in view of events today, we should note that the original centre of the Academy of Gondishapur was the School of Medicine. And what do we see today? An attempt to dominate the world and control its population by the economic forces of the global elite – an attempt that is being made along two main lines: through the fear-mongering associated with “global warming” and through so-called medical procedures involving injections, through needles. The current COVID-related medical tyranny that is being forced upon the world, this attempt to remove individuals’ freedom over their own bodies, and nudge, cajole or coerce them into “accepting” the “offer” of a “vaccination” (which is a lie in itself, as these are not conventional vaccinations but novel and largely untested gene therapies) is a colossal global experiment, unprecedented in history, that is due to end in 2023, as we have been repeatedly reminded by Dr Anthony Fauci, the chief adviser to the American  government in this process and a man who (since 1984) has dominated public health in the USA for all but 9 years of this latest Sorathic window.  These characteristics also suggest that the mark of Sorath is indeed on this event.

In speaking about “the mark of the beast”, something that appears in Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, I do not of course mean “the end of the (physical) world” which is what is described in the Book of Revelation. But around every 666 years, Sorath makes a significant intervention which has certain prefiguring resonances with what we can find in that book in the Bible. For example, we find in Chapter 13 of Revelation that the two horned beast (Sorath, 666), who has two horns like a lamb (ram?) but speaks like a dragon (13:11), in effect serves another beast, the one with “seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy” (Rev.: 13:1; my emphasis);”and he (the two-horned 666 beast) causeth the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast (of 13:1)… saying to them… that they should make an image to the beast… .” The two-horned 666 beast (Sorath) forces everyone to “receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads” (13:16) without which they are unable to buy or sell. So something is inserted into the physical body without which one is unable to engage in the economic process. That mark also somehow contains the name of the beast (Sorath) and the number of his name (666) (13:17-18)

What we are seeing, in this year 2021 is how the “Corona crisis”, which is itself built on lie after lie, and which has been driven predominantly by two men (Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci) and two academic institutions (Imperial College, London and Johns Hopkins University, New York) –  is being morphed into and combined with the climate change issue, “Agenda 2030” and the “4th Post-Industrial Revolution” agenda of the UN and of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The website of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s 2020 book Covid-19: The Great Reset make this only too clear. A medical issue is being combined with a complex of environmental, economic, financial, and technological issues. At Sorath’s first intervention, the centrepiece of the Academy of Gondishapur in the 7th century c.666 was the School of Medicine. ‘His’ second intervention in France in the decades preceding the year 1332 had to do with the emergence of the overweening power of the centralised bureaucratic State under King Philip IV (‘the Fair’) and his sadistic destruction of the Order of the Knights Templar for financial reasons through the use of outrageously concocted and widely propagated lies. Today, in Sorath’s third intervention, in the 1973-2023 window centred on 1998, via the “Corona crisis” ‘he’ is preparing the way for the emergence (or coronation) of Ahriman, whose focus is on deceptive thoughts about the material world, about technology and money, as well as lies and deception regarding the scientific understanding of environmental issues, specifically, the nature and role of carbon. Those behind “global warming”, with their obsession about CO2, are seeking to get us all to fear and hate carbon, which is the very stuff of the human body and essential to all plant life.  This gesture in itself would also seem to indicate the hand of Ahriman. The transformation of the macro-economy in the direction of AI, digital money, nano-biotech and robotics, all accompanied by a Transhumanist philosophy that seeks to change the very nature of human identity, in the manner enthusiastically propagated, for example, by Klaus Schwab, also points to Ahriman and what ‘he’ seeks to do through ‘his’ incarnation, which is to terminate both human notions of spiritual existence and human biological existence itself.

The dark occult agenda in the 21st century

On 16.10.1918 Steiner explained the connection between the Academy of Gondishapur and the future of humanity. What he said on that occasion illuminates much of what global elitists such as Klaus Schwab and the Transhumanists are attempting to do in this 21st century: “The aim of the sages of Gondishapur – in a more amateurish form it is also the aim of certain occult societies in our own time – amounted to nothing else than this: to make man very great, very wise, on the Earth, but, by instilling this wisdom, to lead his soul to partake of death, so that when he had passed through the Gate of Death he would have no inclination to participate in spiritual life or in subsequent incarnations. The intention was to sever man from his further evolution, and so win him for the aims of certain Beings in a quite different world. It was to preserve him as he is in his life on Earth, in order to divert him from the purpose of that earthly existence, which purpose he was meant to discover only slowly and by degrees, thereby finally attaining to Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit, Spirit-Man.”27[GA 182]

The goal then, is to cut humanity off from the three further stages of its development on earth, described in Anthroposophy, which lie ahead in the 6th and 7th epochs, following the development of the Consciousness Soul in our current 5th Post-Atlantean epoch (1413-3573). Our human task is that of transformation, to transform both ourselves and the planet itself. And thus we can recognise what Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the more shadowy elites who stand behind them – the masters of asset management companies such as Vanguard and BlackRock, the two behemoths which through their shareholdings, literally own just about every large company and control almost every sector in the capitalist economy28 – are seeking to do in effecting their own kind of transformation of the human being and human society, beginning with injections that genetically modify human beings and going on to merge us into a global AI brain.

In that same lecture (16.10.1918), Steiner said: “From that Neo-Persian influence [i.e. from Gondishapur] … humanity was given a ‘bite’, if I may use a trivial expression. It was an impulse at that time that penetrated the actual bodily constitution, and we are born with it to this day… There was injected [eingeimpft] into humanity that sickness which, in its effect, leads to the denial of the Father God.” In the lecture Steiner then immediately went on to speak of St Paul and ‘the thorn in his flesh’, which St Paul calls “Satan’s messenger”: “He [St.Paul] speaks prophetically, as an especially advanced man; the thorn was in him already in his own day. To others it was given in the real sense only later on, in the seventh century. But its effects will become more and more widespread, more and more significant. A man today who surrenders wholly to this thorn, to this sickness – for in the physical body this thorn is an actual sickness – becomes an atheist, one who denies God, who denies the Divine. In every human being belonging to modern civilisation there is, fundamentally speaking, the tendency to atheism; the question is only whether a man lends himself to it. He has within him the sickness which incites him to deny the Divine, whereas if he obeyed the promptings of his true nature he would acknowledge God.”

The technology of genetic therapies administered through the COVID injections is a major step towards the realisation of Ahriman’s goals. It accustoms millions of people to accepting medical interventions which can be exploited nanotechnologically for ulterior purposes, for example, by linking human beings directly to the electronic “hive mind” of the Internet, which can already include their medical and financial records and data. The sinister hi-tech social credit system currently functioning and controlling people’s lives in China indicates all too clearly the direction of travel. At present, that system relies on CCTV cameras and  especially the smartphone, which we have only had for about 13 years now, but within 10 or 20 years, the goal will be to incorporate such a device directly into the human body. The final step after that, later in the 21st century, will be to do away with the biological human body altogether and replace it with something ceramic or other non-organic substance. By that point, “the abolition of the human spirit”, which Steiner often spoke of as having taken place at the 8th council of 869 and also as having been directly inspired by Sorath,29 will have been complemented by the abolition of the physical body, the soul having already been ‘abolished’ in the late 19th century by academic psychology and Marxism. What we are therefore looking at potentially, is the genocide not of one ethnicity, as in the 1940s (Europe) and 1990s (Rwanda, Balkans), but of the entire human race. The two-horned Sun Demon Sorath will ally ‘his’ impulse of the lower human ego, the inverted, animal nature of the human being, to Ahriman’s methods of scientific materialist thinking in philosophy, psychology, bio- and nanotechnology, robotics etc. This would result in an Asuric termination of the human physical body as we know it. Lucifer will make ‘his’ (lesser) contribution to this demonic project by distracting human attention through the obsession with sport, fantasies, and the adulation of celebrities of all kinds.

The victory and survival of humanity

This may all seem like a grim prospect, and to those of a pessimistic bent, may even seem inevitable, and it certainly will bring about a great deal of human suffering as the counterforces seek to achieve their aims, because of the ignorance or even wilful blindness on the part of so many people to those aims, but the counterforces actually have no chance whatsoever of succeeding in the long run, because Christ already triumphed over all the four counterforces 2000 years ago through His Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension and gift of the holy spirit at Pentecost, through which actions He preserved the human physical body30 and sowed the seeds of victory in countless human hearts and wills. Since that time, human beings have continually reincarnated, in ever greater numbers, bearing the Christ impulse for a truly realised humanity in their hearts and wills.

As in every great drama, the forces of darkness have their allotted time when everything seems to be going their way but they always work with what is in front of them in already incarnated human beings; they never reckon with what comes into human life from the spiritual world through reincarnating souls. They never reckon with what appears from completely unexpected directions in human wills from out of the spiritual world. The English armies that had been ever-victorious in France for 14 years never saw the young peasant girl Joan of Arc coming. Napoleon and Hitler never reckoned with the early appearance of the famous Russian “General Winter” or with the love of country and family in the hearts of the simple Russian peasant soldier; Hitler did not anticipate the Russian counterattack at Stalingrad;  and in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the Dark Lord Sauron, whose massive armies were about to overwhelm the forces of mankind, never noticed that the little hobbit Frodo – to whose character Tolkien gives clearly Christian sentiments –  having completed his epic journey from the Shire to Sauron’s realm of Mordor, had managed to slip right into the centre of that dark realm under Sauron’s very nose, to destroy the One Ring, the basis of Sauron’s power. This victory of the unseen humble ones who, unnoticed by the powerful, rise from ‘below’ to shatter arrogant pretensions is a spiritual archetype which has repeated itself countless times throughout history. While doing our utmost to resist all that Sorath, Lucifer and the Asuras throw at us over the next 20 years or so in their support of Ahriman’s incarnation, we must nevertheless keep the faith that it is the archetype of William Tell, Joan of Arc and Frodo the Hobbit that will ultimately triumph in this critical 21st century and that humanity will prevail and move on past the incarnation of Ahriman, deeper into the Age of the Consciousness Soul.



1 For 18 months now, mainstream news and current affairs programmes have firmly excluded interviews with the many physicians and other medical specialists who reject the governments’ COVID narrative, and many of them have been banned from platforms such as Youtube, which only allows views that align with those of the World Health Organisation. In a manner unprecedented in the West since the official censorship of news during the Second World War, populations have been presented on TV with an almost entirely one-sided view of the current crisis in a way that fundamentally offends against free speech. By contrast, the channels mRNA Death Toll and Covid Vaccine Injuries on the online Telegram platform, have provided massive evidence (in written and video format) of the damage and deaths that have been caused by the “vaccines”, evidence which flatly contradicts the mainstream pretension that vaccine damage has been “minimal” and “exceedingly rare”.

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Terry Boardman 2021