Binaries, Triads, War or Peace between China & the West?

This article was first published in The Present Age magazine Vol. 5 No. 11, July 2020

If we contemplate the number 23, we can recall that the most famous Psalm in the Bible – Psalm 23 – speaks of man’s confidence in his trust in God’s support. The Koran was revealed to Mohammed over a period of 23 years. Biologists will tell us that normal human sex cells have 23 chromosomes, and astronomers will re­mind us that the earth is tilted at an angle of about 23 degrees to the Sun (actually 23.5). Without that tilting at 23 degrees, the earth’s seasons and hence its human cultures would be totally different from what they are. So both at the microcosmic level of the cell and at the macrocosmic level of the Earth, which is a giant ‘cell’ in itself, the number 23 – the binary and the triad – is a crucial key in the incarnation of the human spirit on the material plane. The binary, with its characteristic feature of division, is the Ur-principle, the blueprint of material reality. In the course of time the ‘matter-realisa­tion’ of that blueprint has led to a materialistic rejection in human consciousness of any non-material reality at all. The triad is that which overcomes this divisive ma­terialism and reconnects human consciousness with the spiritual world, the visible with the invisible. At Easter we can think of the binary as the necessary crucifixion of spirit in ‘matter’ and of the triad as the resurrection of the spirit which gives meaning to the relation of spirit to ‘matter’, and at midsummer we can think of Rudolf Steiner’s beautiful evocation of the triune St John Imag­ination1 with its picture of the Christ between the Spirit Father above and the Earth Mother below. Because the triad has this healing capacity, ultimately exemplified in the Mystery of Golgotha, this is also why Rudolf Steiner’s threefold social impulse is so important to overcome the socio-economic crisis of the modern age, especially in the current context of worsening US-China relations. I shall return to this later in this article.


The triad and the ninth century

As soon as he became an esoteric teacher in 1902 (which he remained until his death, 23 years later), Rudolf Stein­er made clear from the beginning that his would be the path of Christian esotericism rather than one that fo­cused more on Indian teachings, as in the Theosophy of Annie Besant, centred at Adyar in India. Moreover, Steiner’s emphasis on the Rosicrucian heritage of Central Europe, with its alchemical focus on the triad of salt, mercury and sulphur, meant that a strong threefold, Trinitarian impulse lay at the centre of his teaching and his activity. His life drama reached a peak when in the years 1917-1922 he found himself within a world war in which Central Europe was fighting against the East and the West and in which he personally was increas­ingly drawn into the centre of social and international events. Indeed, by 1914 he was already in a personal relationship with Helmuth von Moltke, the Chief of the General Staff, who was in command of all German armies on both the Eastern and Western Fronts. After Moltke died in June 1916, Steiner remained in spiritual contact with his individuality for seven years, the only case in his life of which this is known. Steiner realised that von Moltke had previously incarnated as Pope Nicholas I in the ninth century, whose historic task it had been in that incarnation to clearly separate Eastern and Western Christianity. In the 20th century it had been his will to reunite East and West, but tragically, he found himself having to lead the fight against them both. From 1916 onwards, Steiner drew attention to the historical consequences of the 8th Ecumenical Council of the Church in Constantinople which took place in the ninth century (869). The Council’s anathemas had effectively reduced the Trichotomy of the human being (body, soul, spirit) to a Dichotomy (body and soul only). This focus on the binary nature of the human being had laid the theological and philosophical basis for the bi­nary nature of natural science and materialistic thought that later emerged in the 17th century, notably through the influence of the writings of Francis Bacon and Lord Edward Herbert of Cherbury (1582-1648), the ‘father’ of Deism. Throughout his own activities, Steiner urged the modern culture of western civilisation, in effect, to rediscover the Trinity, the essence of the human, the social and the cosmic triad, – or rather, to understand it for the first time2 – through the reclaiming of the indi­vidual spirit that could find its own path to the divine. The war itself, he showed, was the consequence of the materialism that had resulted from the errors of the Church in 869, the denial of the individual spirit and the insistence on following the authority and dogmas of the Church. That Council of 869-70 had led first to the Great Schism of 1054 between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches: both Christianity and European culture now appeared to be irrevocably split. A further split occurred with the Reformation, and then came more splits between the adherents of the Reformation. The sickness that had first manifested in the spiritual or theological sphere spread in later centuries to the politi­cal and economic spheres, in revolutions, class conflict, and economic rivalries between nations. Out of these social poisons had come the Great War. Materialism, fear of the spirit, was the great matrix of the war. Capitalism, imperialism, socialism, communism, nationalism and fascism – all were born of that matrix.

Building on his esoteric Christian understanding of the threefold nature of Man (body, soul, spirit), Steiner pointed to the need for a new social reformation in the modern world, which would heal the sickness that had resulted from those deeds of 869-70. The threefolding of society into autonomous but interrelating spheres of economy, politics and culture, which he energetically advocated from 1917, first to the elites, through personal contacts, and then, when the elites ignored him, to the masses of the people in 1919, represented the undoing of the deed of 869-70, and the restoration of the threefold nature of both Man and society. The culmination of Ru­dolf Steiner’s restorative deed for the culture of the West came at the Christmas Conference on 25 December 1923 with his speaking of the Foundation Stone meditation for the first time.

Lotharingia (Middle Francia) 855-869

Lotharingia (yellow)
Italy (pink)
East Francia (blue)
West Francia (grey)
Provence (violet)

The numbers in the date 869 add up to 23. The dates 869 + 1054, when added together, come to 1923. Even the arithmetic of history testifies to the reality of Rudolf Steiner’s deed in that year when he refounded the Anthroposophical Society at the Christmas Conference in Dornach, Switzerland on the esoteric basis of the threefold Foundation Stone meditation  From the time of the Coun­cil of 869, dualism came to dominate European culture. This was already reflected politically in the 9th century when Lotharingia (or Middle Francia) was partitioned in 869-70 between the kings of East Francia and West Francia.3 Once again, we see the same dualistic gesture in 869-70: in the East, at Constantinople, a spiritual triad (body-soul-spirit) was reduced theologically to a bina­ry (body and soul only)  at the 8th Ecumenical Council, while in the West, in Frankia, a triad was reduced to a binary politically by the Treaty of Mersen. Rudolf Steiner re­stored the triad to European culture through his work 1917-1923, both philosophically and esoterically in the Foundation Stone, and socially in his advocacy of social threefolding.

The “Great Reset”?

But although the seed of social threefolding was suc­cessfully planted in 1919-1922, it did not grow at that time. The historical moment for it was missed; the An­throposophical movement was not strong and resolute enough to carry it forward; the receptivity of the public to it proved insufficient. There was too much willingness across the political spectrum to allow the unitary State – whether of the twofold order, the twofold, adversarial party system in capitalist countries, or of the ‘onefold order’ – fascist or communist – to deal with the many problems thrown up by the consequences of the war. The historical moment, Steiner said, would not return for a hundred years, after which “a window of the spiritual world would open” to create another opportunity for it.4 Not a few Anthroposophers think that time may be now.

And what are we seeing now, in the wake of COV­ID-19? In fact, we are seeing another attempt to ‘reboot’ a onefold order, to create a ‘new’ social consensus under the umbrella of the unitary State. This is being done by appealing to wartime rhetoric of life and death, “fighting the deadly enemy” and national and personal survival – all of which obliges us to “pull together”, we are told, and “do our civic duty” as in wartime5, dutifully and compliantly following the dictates of the State. We are told that this crisis will “bring us all together”, make us “stronger together”, “leave no-one behind”, in order to bring about the “New Green Deal” and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, setting up carbon, SARS-CoV-2, China and “white supremacy” as the new scapegoats and enemies to be defeated – objects of fear and hate, in effect, against which all are urged to rally. Since 2016, the era of Trump and Brexit, the media made endless allusions to the 1930s; now, it would seem, we are to believe that we have advanced into the 1940s and are fighting our own version of World War II on the four above-mentioned fronts.

WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Calls For The 'Great Reset'

The World Economic Forum (WEF), one of the world’s main breeding stations of globalist capitalism, declares on its website6 the need for a “Great Reset”, as if it be­lieves that capitalism must rapidly be transformed into some grand, A.I.-driven, green, egalitarian, socio-eco­nomic paradise inspired by such as Greta Thunberg, Jeff Bezos, and the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ movements. Establishment media throughout the West echo the WEF’s call; the BBC in Britain promotes the same agenda through its “Rethink” project – which in fact chimes with UN Agenda 21 and its subset, Agenda 2030. Launched on 21 June, the BBC’s “Rethink” project reaches right across the entire BBC programme sched­ules and is obviously designed to ‘nudge’ the populace in the direction that the WEF and the global elite want the world to move. The emphasis is emphatically col­lective – everyone must be included – , conforming to the global elite’s will mediated through the increasingly authoritarian and undemocratic actions of national State governments and through the censorious, freedom-de­nying behaviours of corporate tech companies such as facebook and Google, which are turning the Internet into a glitzier, more subtle version of the controlled and censored media of the Cold War Communist bloc. What is emerging is not only a massive increase in the power of the State through this COVID ‘crisis’ but especially in the cultural sphere, where the ‘identity wars’ are the fiercest, a one-pattern society and culture is developing where only opinions within a very narrow range are tolerated. Any attempt to express dissenting views will have severe legal and/or economic consequences. And all of this is being done in the name of “equality”, “inclusivity”, “diversity”, “combating ‘hate’” and of course, uphold­ing “the science”, a science that is rapidly becoming as dogmatic as the theology of the mediaeval cardinals. Scientists who dissent from the climate change or COV­ID-19 or vaccination orthodoxy are excluded, ignored, or slandered.7 “The science” is uniform. Everyone must accept it and conform. No-one must dare to dissent, and everyone will be expected to accept the anti-CoV-2 vac­cine when it arrives, most probably later this year from a British or American laboratory. Otherwise, such vaccine dissenters are likely to be branded selfish ‘domestic ter­rorists’ who are endangering the health of the nation. There will no doubt be calls for them to be excluded from travel and employment opportunities. In short, they will lose some of their civil and human rights, as was the case with religious Dissenters in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. In those days Protestant Dissenters and Catholics were held to endanger and undermine the spiritual health of the nation. This new uniformity will be policed by facial recognition surveillance technol­ogy and probably some form of smartphone-mediated social credit system, as in China, though probably not so blatant, so as to preserve the appearance of democ­racy. The WEF – ostensibly a private organisation – and the US Department of Homeland Security – an arm of government - have already collaborated to produce such a system8, which is likely to be rolled out next year.


War drums? Or simply ‘decoupling’ from China?

It is a great irony that all this centralised control and cen­sorship is happening in the West precisely when western elites are using the COVID-19 ‘pandemonium’ to turn against China and identify it as an ‘enemy’ and a ‘threat’. This is happening across the so-called left-right divide, from Donald Trump to Nancy Pelosi, from The Economist to the Murdoch Press, from the so-called quality Press to the tabloids, from Die Welt to Das Bild. “During the recent Munich Security Conference, [Pelosi] replied to [the] question whether she essentially agreed with Trump’s China policy without hesitation and to the surprise of the audience: “Yes.” Pelosi described China as a “government that does not serve our values” and spoke of an “authoritarian form of aggression.” Mathias Döpfner recently wrote in the Ger­man paper Die Welt am Sonntag in an article titled “We have to choose”: “Germany and Europe, together with the USA, should decide to consistently disconnect from China. How this should be structured is one of the most exciting political questions of the future. …The corona recession marks a …unique opportunity to correct a mistake…. In the end, everything is very simple: what future do we want for Europe: an alliance with an imperfect democracy or with a perfect dictatorship? The decision should actually be easy for us. It’s more than money. It is about our freedom, about Article 1, the most beautiful term that has ever been in a legal text: human dignity.”9

The Henry Jackson Society (HJS), one of many elite transatlantic think-tanks, and very hawkish on foreign policy, has identified the key areas in which the 5 An­glosphere countries known as the “Five Eyes” (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), are overly dependent on China. The HJS advocates active economic ‘decou­pling’ from China as well as a de facto western contain­ment policy towards China. The anti-Chinese rhetoric has greatly stepped up in 2020 with COVID-19 being labelled in rightwing circles as a ‘Chinese virus’ or ‘the Wuhan virus’.

This completely overlooks the fact that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and western governments failed to do their own due diligence with regard to the alleged seriousness of COVID-19. There was no scien­tific need for them to overreact as they did; a number of western epidemiologists and other medical special­ists pointed out10 in March and April that the virus was not essentially worse than previous seasonal influenza epidemics and would go through a similar process of growth and decline, which it has done. In fact, the an­ti-China rhetoric had been building up for several years. The beginning of China’s colossal “One Belt, One Road” Eurasian transport infrastructure and trade project in 2013 and the signing of the huge 30-year Russia-Chi­na natural gas deal in 2014 were key milestones. From that period onward, talk of a new Cold War began to proliferate in western media, as well as comparisons of the US-China relationship with that between the British and German empires in the decade before the First World War in terms of relations between a rising and an established or declining Power. In those days, German exporters and businessmen were outmanoeu­vring the British even within Britain’s own Empire, so the British resorted to war to redress the balance – first the Boer War (1899-1902), to prevent S. Africa’s gold and diamond mines falling into German hands, and then the two world wars (1914-45)11, to attempt to suppress German competition substantially and bring Germany itself under Anglosphere control.

Today, concerned about Anglosphere inability to compete economically with China in Eurasia, Africa and Latin America, Anglosphere elites are again banging the war drums. Last year, the Rand Corporation in the USA carried out a complex US vs Russia + China war­game simulation assuming war 10-20 years from now, which did not turn out at all well for the US. The lesson the establishment media will no doubt draw from this is that the US needs to further upgrade and expand its military spending, already by far the world’s largest. The author of the RAND report wrote that “$24 billion a year for the next five years would be a good expenditure” to prepare the military for World War III.12 One can recall Rudolf Steiner speaking of western brotherhoods already planning in the 1890s for a great European war in the near future.13

Anthroposophers should not be surprised to see the elites of America and China squaring off against each other at this time, since we are living almost 2000 years after the Mystery of Golgotha, the anniversary years of which will come in 2030-2033 at a time when the mani­festation of Ahriman in human form – the incarnation of Ahriman14 – can be expected. For China and America are the two cultures in which, according to Rudolf Steiner, the incarnations of Lucifer (c.3000 BC) and Ahriman (very early 3rd millennium AD) historically occur. And in this 21st century, when all of us as mankind, like a human individual aged 21, are to take responsibility for ourselves and the planet, when we are challenged to find and recognise the Christ Being as the Ego of man­kind, Lucifer and Ahriman combine to try to prevent mankind from assuming that responsibility in the right way, that is, in the sense of human freedom. They seek instead, to use the old ways, albeit dressed up in modern rhetoric and modern technology. They seek to have us guided, nudged, led and controlled like sheep by oligar­chical shepherds at the WEF, the WHO and the Chinese Communist Party. They provide, in short, the resistance mankind needs to find its freedom and responsibility.

No surprise then, to see that both China and America were involved in the COVID-19 phenomenon: in the In­ternational Military Games at Wuhan in October 2019; at the Event 201 coronavirus simulation held at Johns Hopkins University in New York at the same time; in the murky financial connections between the US and the Wuhan Institute of Virology – a US$3.7 million research grant to that Wuhan Institute in 201515 approved by Dr Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and current­ly the leading medical specialist in the US Coronavirus Task Force; in the close relations between Bill Gates and WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: the WHO overreacted to the Chinese and Italian over­reactions to the virus and declared a global pandemic on 11 March. This worked very much in the vaccination interests of the WHO’s second largest donor at the time (now the largest since President Trump announced the cancellation of US funding for the WHO in April), name­ly, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with which Tedros Adhanom has had a close relationship since his time as Minister of Health in Ethiopia 2005-2012. The WHO and many governments around the world influ­enced by the WHO have allowed themselves to be overly affected by the overreaction of the Chinese government to COVID-19 and as a result, lockdowns have been im­posed around the world with all the severely damaging consequences these lockdowns have been having on economies and on the physical and mental health of millions. Mankind has been subjected to a colossal act of vandalism, all to defeat a virus dubbed “terrible”, “dead­ly”, “brutal”, “killer” “plague” by the media. It is a virus which, by itself, has in fact accounted for numbers of deaths on a par with seasonal flu. The American Centers for Disease Control estimated that 46,000 – 95,000 Amer­icans died of influenza during the 2017-18 flu season. At the time of writing, there have been 128,000 deaths in the USA of people with COVID-1916, i.e. who tested pos­itive for the SARS-Cov-2 virus, but that does not mean they died of COVID-19 itself. Indeed, there has been evi­dence of much manipulation of COVID-19 data to inflate the numbers of deaths due to COVID-19.17

In 1913 many intelligent people believed that there would be no war between Britain and Germany because the two countries had too many interwoven economic ties and furthermore, because they were both advanced European countries whose educated classes shared many cultural values and habits. One year later, this belief was shown to have been illusory. Yet many people make simi­lar arguments today about the US and China: their econ­omies are too interdependent; they are both ‘mature’ states; they will not risk war in the age of nuclear weap­ons etc. But to repeat, these are the very two cultures of the incarnations of the spiritually polar beings, Lucifer and Ahriman. Billions of dollars have been spent over the decades by US and Chinese institutions and govern­ments in order to ‘understand’ each other’s culture and society better, but if this is done primarily with a view to benefitting materially from the other, and without taking a spiritual view of life into account, it will have no good result, as Rudolf Steiner pointed out in 1922 on the eve of the Washington Conference between the USA, Britain and Japan: “The Asiatic peoples will meet the West with understanding if the West can offer them thoughts of a universal humanity, thoughts that indicate what Man is in the whole universal order and how a social life may be achieved in conformity with what Man is. When the peoples in the East hear that the West has fresh knowledge on those very subjects of which their ancient traditions tell and for the renewal of which they themselves are vaguely striving, then will the way be open for mutual understanding and coopera­tion. If, however, we persist in regarding the infusion of such knowledge into public activity as a fantastic dream of the unpractical, then in the end the East will wage war upon the West, however much they may converse about the beauties of disarmament.”18 Twenty years later, in the battles in the Pacific, the truth of Rudolf Steiner’s words was very starkly borne out. The growing US-China tensions of the past ten years have shown that the situation between the two countries is only getting worse. Many believe that a state of undeclared cold war already exists between them and that it is only a matter of time before the ‘cold’ becomes ‘hot’. There are various geographical ‘hotspot buttons’ around China that the US is capable of pressing: Tibet, the borders of India, the South China Sea islands, Hong Kong, Taiwan, N. Korea, and relations with Japan.


The Threefold solution: for East-West peace and cooperation

What could serve to avert such a conflict between the collectivist People’s Republic of China and the individ­ualistic USA? A triadic solution, namely, the threefold social organism, which has both collectivist and indi­vidualistic elements within it, would mitigate the perni­cious effects of the extremes of both systems. It does not do away with the essence of capitalism, but recognises the role of the individual in starting economic activity. However, it asserts that the purpose of the economic sphere is to produce goods from the bounty of nature, which is cherished and protected – goods that will serve others; the purpose is not the maximisation of profit for oneself, one’s family or even one’s country. It is to serve other human beings all over the world, as in the mod­ern age the whole world is one interdependent economic organism, although to begin with, economic activity usually starts in one’s own locale. Threefolding does not subordinate any of the three spheres of society (culture, politics, economy) to the other two, and does not seek to mix up all three. On the contrary, it gives autonomy to all three in their own spheres, while enabling them at the same time to interrelate, much as the three physio­logical systems of the human body (nerves, circulation and metabolism) are also separate but interrelate and support each other. The State therefore must not run the economy or the cultural sphere; if it tries to, it will either fail, out of incompetence in those spheres, or it will come into conflict with other States that also presume to run or influence those spheres in their own countries to a greater or lesser degree; this has in the past often led to war, as in 1899 and 191419, where private economic inter­ests are identified with those of the State. Equally, eco­nomic interests must not seek to control or influence the State or the political and legal life or the life of culture and the arts and sciences. Neither should the latter try to dictate to politics and the economy, as has happened in some religious communities and states. Each of the three spheres has its own being and life which needs to be respected.

Threefolding first emerged a century ago in Central Europe. It could not succeed then, as too many people across the political spectrum were prepared to allow the State to have its way in all three spheres, even in the cap­italist democracies. But a hundred years later, after much socio-economic pain and suffering, inefficiency and dis­aster, there is now widespread recognition, especially in the West, that some kind of fundamental change is required that goes beyond the egoism both of the indi­vidual and of the political or national group. Communist China has only been part of the capitalist world order for some 40 years, and the wealth it has generated through that participation has enabled both the alleviation of mass poverty and the wage slavery of modern Chinese industrial serfs on the assembly line. It has enabled the enthusiastic creation of many Chinese billionaires and also China’s totalitarian hi-tech surveillance system. China’s current system is a mixture of western capital­ism, western Marxism (with so-called “Chinese charac­teristics”) and traditional Chinese Neo-Confucianism and Legalism. Chinese nationalism and self-confidence is still strong, but the Chinese system is two thirds not their own, and the other third is not modern but ancient and has more in common with mediaeval Tibet or the Vatican than with modern times.

But if the West were to embrace Threefolding – if the State were to restrict itself to its own rightful sphere of law, rights, and defence; if local, regional, national and international economic associations were able to bring both ethics and rationality into the world of business instead of the reckless, inefficient, growth-obsessed, outdated and shark-like economic model we currently have; if the arts and sciences were free from interfer­ence from both the State and from business; if through threefolding, the West were to embrace a social and economic praxis that affirmed both the individual and the community – then millions in China would take no­tice and see that there was a modern alternative both to their own authoritarian mixture and to the old, often inhuman economic ruthlessness of the West. Based on a spiritual understanding of the human being far more radical than anything in Transhumanism, the emergent philosophy of the western elite, this modern alternative of Threefolding offers the way to avert a cataclysmic bi­nary conflict between China (with its allies Russia and Iran) and the USA and its client states in the Anglosphere and the EU. It may already be too late to bring this alter­native forward, but its seeds can at least be sown and its existence brought to the attention of millions, so that after Ahriman’s incarnation has ended, most likely by the mid-21st century, the alternative of Threefolding can be called upon to reshape society.

At this historic time, when Ahriman’s incarnation is about to become manifest, and when the current conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn ushers in a new, 200 year-long era in history20, global elites working through the WEF and the WHO are trying to use false claims about climate change and COVID-19 to bring about a technology-driven, wartime emergency-style, State-led transformation of society that will have the surface ap­pearance of ‘greenness’ and ‘progressivism’ but it will not challenge fundamentals; the elitist 1% and their predatory behaviour will remain, just as they did after Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s much-vaunted ‘New Deal’ in the 1930s. FDR in effect injected a dose of socialism in order to save the existing American capitalist sys­tem without fundamentally changing that system. The same is what is being proposed now in, for example, the post-COVID plans of the British government led by Bo­ris Johnson. The global elites’ goal with Agenda 2030 is to bring about a world order that will serve Ahriman’s interests in his incarnation. Those interests require not a threefold society in which the three spheres of culture, law and economy are autonomous but a form of ‘soft’ fascism or communism, a ‘onefold’ world order of ‘onefold’ societies controlled and directed in all three spheres by the State. In 1922 Rudolf Steiner said that he would reincarnate “in 80 years’ time and in America” – the land of Ahriman’s incarnation.21 The individuality that was Rudolf Steiner may not be associated with the Anthroposophical Society then but as a Christian esotericist, that individuality will surely somehow stand for Threefolding, for that means, in the modern age, to stand for the cosmic Trinity, and for the real nature of the human being and of human society.

Terry Boardman 2020


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