Wuhan 武 漢, Then and Now: Some Observations



2020: Wu of Han, the 140s BC, China, Rome – Then and Now (April 2020)

The following thoughts are offered simply as a stimulus for your own thinking about the present COVID-19 crisis.

Please bear with me through some numbers in the first part until we get to the main point, which has to do with WUHAN and China in our time.

If we think of an astrological Age e.g. the Age of Pisces, known in Anthroposophy as the 5th Post-Atlantean Epoch or the Age of the Consciousness Soul (1413-3573), which lasts 2160 years, then we recognise it as a Time organism ruled by the number 7; there are 7 of these astrological Epochs in each Great Period i.e. we are now in the 5th of 7 Post-Atlantean Cultural Epochs, and there are 7 Periods in physical Earth evolution, of which Atlantis was the 4th, and we are now in the 5th Cultural Epoch of the period known as “Post-Atlantis I” which is itself the 5th Period of Earth evolution as a whole. We are therefore in the 5th Cultural Epoch of the 5th Period of physical/mineral Earth evolution. The Earth had 3 x 7 non-physical/non-mineral Periods before this physical phase of evolution and will have 3 x 7 non-physical/non-mineral Periods after this current, physical/mineral Period.

As a Time organism organised according to the number 7, our current Cultural Epoch (2160 years) consists of 7 phases or stages.  Each of the Cultural Epochs (Age of Pisces, Aquarius etc) lasts 2160 years. Why? Because it takes 72 years for the Spring Point to move through ONE degree of a Zodiac sign, and there are 30 degrees per sign. 30 x 72 = 2160.

We can think of a Cultural Epoch like a musical octave, passing through 7 stages, with a beginning (DO-RE-MI), middle (FA = fulcrum) and end (SO-LA-TI):

DO in the Ist third corresponds to TI in the 3rd third,

RE in the Ist third corresponds to LA in the 3rd third, and

MI in the 1st third corresponds to SO in the 3rd third.

Thus: a musical octave is like a lemniscate (horizontal figure 8) form.

Today, we are currently coming to the end of the RE phase of the 5th Cultural Epoch or octave/Time organism. We can thus compare stages in different epochs. When was the RE phase of the 4th Cultural Epoch, the one before our 5th Cultural Epoch? Each septennial phase lasts 308 years (2160/7 = 308). We are 607 years into our Epoch (2020 – 1413 = 607)

We can compare, for example, the year 2020 in our (5th) Cultural Epoch with the year 140 BC in the 4th Cultural Epoch, because those two years are both 607 years into their respective Epochs i.e. they are both nearly one third (720 years) of the way through their respective Epochs. Our 5th Cultural Epoch began in 1413 BC; the 4th Cultural Epoch began 2160 years earlier, in 747 BC. 2020 AD and 140 BC are thus at the same stage of “growth” within their respective Cultural Epochs, the 5th and the 4th.

140 was the last year of the 140s BC. What happened in that decade?

It was in fact a major turning point in the history of the West. The year 146 BC can be said to have been the key year in that decade. In that year Rome destroyed Carthage utterly after the third and final Punic War (149-146) and also defeated the Greek Achaean League, as well as integrating Macedon under Roman hegemony. All of Greece was now under Roman rule. Rome was now the sole power in the Mediterranean and would remain so for the next 600 years.

In the East, in China, the 140s were also remarkable. We have seen that 2020 AD corresponds to 140 BC, so the year 141 BC corresponds to 2019 AD in which the 7th International Military Games were held in Wuhan (18-27 Oct 2019) (nearly 10,000 participants from 100+ countries)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCdAY-AOG-oand there was the supposed initial breakout of COVID-19  – in Wuhan (Nov 2019).

Why was WUHAN chosen for those international military games?

We know that, as an ancient civilisation, China and its leaders are very conscious of their country’s long history.

On 9 March 141 BC the Emperor known in the West today as   Wu of Han (the “Martial Emperor” of the Han Dynasty) became the 7th Emperor of the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) – the same two Chinese characters as in the name of the city of  Wuhan are used for the emperor Wu of Han, but in reverse order. In Chinese he is known as 漢武帝  Hanwu-di, (“Hanwu Emperor”). The order of the first two characters being reversed ( 漢 = WU HAN)). Emperor Wu of Han or Emperor Hanwu was the longest reigning emperor (54 years) until Kangxi in the 18th century AD.

“[Wu’s] reign resulted in a vast territorial expansion and the development of a strong and centralized state resulting from his governmental reorganization, including his promotion of Confucian doctrines. In the field of historical social and cultural studies, Emperor Wu is known for his religious innovations and patronage of the poetic and musical arts, including development of the Imperial Music Bureau into a prestigious entity. It was also during his reign that cultural contact with western Eurasia was greatly increased, directly and indirectly.

As a military campaigner, Emperor Wu led Han China through its greatest expansion. At its height, the Empire’s borders spanned from modern Kyrgyzstan in the west, to Korea in the east, and to northern Vietnam in the south.”  [wikipedia]

[i.e. this was the emperor who expanded Chinese control to approximately the extent it has today in East, West, and South. Only Manchuria and Tibet had still to be added]

The name WUHAN

The etymology section of the wikipedia entry on the city of Wuhan is misleading. It would have us believe that the name simply comes from a combination of the names of the 3 cities that make up Wuhan: Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang. But the HAN in the latter two names is the same character: The wikipedia entry doesn’t tell us what the characters WU and HAN actually mean.

The traditional (not the current simplified) characters for the meaning of Wuhan are 

In the modern name for the city the second character HAN is simplified:

The Communists simplified many Chinese characters after 1949. Taiwan does not do this. It still uses the original characters. The many Chinese characters used in the Japanese language (Japanese is written using both Chinese characters AND two Japanese phonic ‘alphabets’) are somewhere in the middle: some have been simplified a bit, many not.

The character   WU means  “martial”,“military”, “fighting”.  The Japanese pronounce it BU, as in BUSHIDO, the way of the warrior.

The character HAN means “Han”, as in the Han Chinese (the majority ethnic population of China), the Han River, and the Han Dynasty which ruled China at the time of Christ: (206 BC–220 AD). This was mostly the time of the Archangel Oriphiel, the Saturn Archangel.His period was 246 BC-109 AD  according to the esotericist Trithemius of Sponheim, and 200 BC–150 AD, according to Rudolf Steiner. HAN is in fact an ancient name for China itself. For example the word kanwa in Japanese means ‘China (and) Japan’, or ‘the Chinese (and) the Japanese languages’. WA is the old Chinese-Japanese name for Japan.

The Japanese use the same Chinese character in this word KANWA but they pronounce it KAN instead of HAN. In old Japanese the word for the ‘Chinese people’ was KANZOKU, again using the character 漢. The second character ZOKU means ‘people’, as in tribe, clan, ethnic group.

So the characters 武漢 and the name WUHAN mean ‘martial or military Han’ i.e. ‘martial/military China/Chinese people’!

The Coronavirus emerged from China under the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020.

Another meaning of international military game:

See this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unrestricted_Warfare

Unrestricted Warfare (超限战, literally “Warfare Beyond Bounds”) is a book on military strategy written in 1999 by two colonels in the People’s Liberation Army, Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗). The book has been well-known in western military and foreign policy circles since soon after its publication. Its primary concern is how a nation such as China can defeat a technologically superior opponent (such as the United States) through a variety of means. Rather than focusing on direct military confrontation, this book instead examines a variety of other means.

Consider the differences between the traditional Chinese game of Go and the western (actually Indian) game of Chess. These differences have also long been considered by Chinese and western military strategists since the late 1990s. We all know what was happening in Hong Kong in the second half of last year. The long-running demonstrations there represented a major problem for the government in Beijing. But what was happening in WUHAN last July, 2019? See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z20vfA6VSpU Protests over air pollution, difficulty of breathing. See this Indian-American MIT-trained doctor, Shiva Ayyadurai’s speculation about how CV19 began. I emphasise – as does he –  it’s  only speculation. But we should at least think about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ7wi6mbhzY “Did CHINA unleash bio-media-warfare on its OWN PEOPLE to CRUSH the Health & Freedom Movement?”

We can recall that it was not ALL of China that was in lockdown, but only Hubei Province, its capital WUHAN and a number of other major cities in the country. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that when it kills, this disease mainly kills older people. Younger people, i.e. those  necessary for the bulk of the workforce and the military, tend not to die of it. So Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is suggesting the thing started in China for Chinese State purposes, and in other Youtube videos he implies that elite forces in the West, via the WHO, Anthony Fauci, Neil Ferguson, Bill Gates et al, then made use of what was going on in China and the drastic actions of the Chinese government, to get similar measures imposed in western countries for their own purposes. In effect, the West has, in a rapid manner that seems almost coordinated in the West, imitated, to a greater or lesser degree, China’s authoritarian/Communist/Fascist (choose your adjective) methods. And for what? To respond to “a novel disease” that has turned out to be little worse than a bad case of influenza. Novel influenzas, as we know from 100 years ago, can kill millions of people. But COVID-19 kills at a rate hardly greater than regular seasonal influenza over the past 20 years. And yet, because of it, we allowed our governments to be panicked – supposedly by their medical advisers, but also by the WHO  – into imposing the most authoritarian controls the West has known for a very long time, severely damaging our societies and economies  for decades to come and most probably leading to the deaths of far more people through stress and illness resulting from the socio-economic effects of this disease than deaths from the disease itself. I am reminded of the line from the second verse of Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone meditation: “Let there be fired in the East what forms itself through the West”. Besides the positive sense in which Steiner meant this, it could also apply – or be applied  – in a negative sense.

The above has not been written with any intention of “blaming China”, but rather to suggest that populations in both China and the West are led and governed by unscrupulous people in their elites who in the past have often proved that they are prepared to sacrifice thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of their own people to achieve those leaders’ aims. Despite what is written above, it could still be that an American bio-weapon was in fact used in Wuhan in October/November 2019; but we are not in a position to know yet whether that was indeed the case. If it was, then the powers-that-be in the US may well discover that things will not turn out as they intended.

And if it was a US bio-weapon, a Chinese bio-weapon, or simply a novel coronavirus produced ‘accidentally’ by animal-human transfer as was suggested in the 2011 Hollywood movie “Contagion” and as the western mainstream media today would have us believe, then the Chinese authorities nevertheless chose to respond to the disease either by denial or by deliberately letting it run for a while (Dec/Jan, under the Saturn-Pluto conjunction) and then reacting in a very drastic and over-exaggerated manner to what was itself not such a serious disease but was exacerbated in regions of severe air pollution. They may have reacted in this way because they saw in this “novel disease” a way of killing two birds with one stone – the Hong Kong  protests and the Wuhan environmental protests, either of which could have grown into a much more serious challenge to the regime and, as the regime saw it, could have threatened China’s stability. Equally, they may have decided that China should accept a bit of pain in order for a lot more pain to be self-inflicted by the West. We saw in April already  phenomena such Democratic governors in coastal states of the USA forming pacts to coordinate reopening their economies after lockdown in defiance of President Trump who insisted he had the authority to order any reopening. (https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/13/politics/states-band-together-reopening-plans/index.html).Trump, who was in favour of early reopening anyway, reacted by welcoming State action on reopening, thus sidestepping the governors. COVID-19 has in any case certainly presented the USA and the West as a whole with very serious challenges, and economic damage has been self-inflicted that is likely to be far worse than anything China has suffered.

Terry  Boardman 14.4.2020