China vs Japan: The Danger of War – 100 years on, it’s the same story


“CHINA and Japan are sliding towards war……America is obliged to come to Japan’s aid if it is attacked, and being sucked into a conflict with China is almost too unbearable to contemplate. But in the face of repeated Chinese incursions, a Japanese reaction is understandable.”

It’s quite clear where The Economist, one of the prime propagandists of Anglo-American global imperialism,  stands on this issue. One can well imagine that if conflict does break outbetween China and Japan,  The Economist will be advocating – while shedding crocodile tears no doubt -that ‘the West’ must support Japan and if necessary, go to war with China. From the Anglo-American elite perspective, China could then be broken up (like the USSR) and more easily swallowed and exploited.

See also Michael Klare, “Powder Keg in the Pacific” at: