Merkel and the markets working in tandem

More evidence of how Merkel and the markets are actually working in tandem to bring about fiscal and political integration:

“Italian PM Mario Monti has warned European leaders that failure to agree on joint action will encourage market attacks on their economies. He predicted “progressively greater speculative attacks” without unified action from all the eurozone members”.

So who then are the actual terrorists, the ones actually attacking the livelihoods of the peoples of Europe, merely in order to make money? Market speculators ! But this is ignored, as the media focus only on Angela Merkel and the alleged German “bullies”, “terrorists”, “terminators”, “4th Reichers” etc etc. This kind of poisonous media propaganda is reminscent of  that all too evident in the British media in the decades before the First World War, as superbly documented in the book “The Scaremongers – The Advocacy of War and Rearmament 1896-1914? by Prof. A.J.A.Morris (1984).

It’s beginning to look like the big events of the 2nd half of 2012 will include the emergence of a de facto United States of Europe, perhaps accompanied by war over Syria and/or Iran.